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Feedback form

The feedback form uses an anonymous user survey format for feedback and review. I hope you participate and have enjoyed exploring this site. Comments and suggestions or a review about this website are always welcome. The feedback link is at the top of this page, see the Take My Survey button.


NO Private Data is Collected or Stored in using the Feedback

About The Survey

The Web App Feedback is online and hosted on a secure VPS

Survey Types

Chose between 10 different themes for your survey. Have your survey up and running within 24-hours of engagement. We offer three types of survey: anonymous users, registered users for single-entry or registered users for multi-entry. Registered users can be further sub-divided into 'open' or 'by invite only'. The 'by invite only' feature allows focus and/or pilot groups to be established prior to going live. Multi-entry surveys can be automated or manually controlled, limited by time or the number of times a user can take the survey. Multi-entry surveys can also be separated into duplicate-date or single-date entry. Survey results and metric analysis use access control logic on the web to present scheduled or on-demand reports using state-of-the-art charts and graphs to meet your individual needs.

Survey Hosting

The survey platform is hosted in environmentally controlled secure data centres with high band-width and state-of-the-art hardware for superior performance and user experience. Server-side technology is used for functionality with limited client-side technology; this further reduces band-width, resulting in unparalled speed performance and user experience. Surveys are hosted on our domain or in a separate domain on our server. I can design your web-presence for a separate web space or provide a landing page on our domain. This allows flexibilty to meet your needs and budget.

Survey Security

I take data security and privacy of personal information seriously. All survey data and personal data are protected by a domain SSL using https protocol for data transfer. Database password encription and injection protection is used on the server side to protect against malicious data attack, phishing access and malware. Further security is in place to prevent denial of service attacks and other hacking methods.




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